Instagram Challenges Twitter with Threads: A Bold Move in the World of Social Media

Unveiling Threads: How Instagram’s Bold Challenge to Twitter is Reshaping Social Media Conversations

Aman Bhatia
4 min readJul 6, 2023


In the social media space, Instagram is making its move to take on Twitter’s dominance with the introduction of Threads. With the recent “volatility” and “unpredictability” of Twitter led by Elon Musk, Instagram sees an opportunity to compete and provide a new platform for public conversation. In this blog, we explore the motivations behind Instagram’s bold attempt, the features of Threads, and the challenges it faces in subverting Twitter’s established position.

Meta’s answer on Twitter’s volatility:

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri acknowledges that Twitter has been a leader in the public conversation. However, keeping in mind the recent events, Instagram found an opportunity to create something open and beneficial for its existing community. This led to the development of Threads, a standalone app from Meta, built on Instagram’s account system.

Threads: A Risky, Yet Promising, Venture:

Making Threads a success was not without risk. As a new app that requires a download, the success of Threads remains uncertain. Nevertheless, Meta has streamlined the onboarding process by allowing users to auto-populate their account information and follow list from Instagram, increasing user convenience. It’s important to note that it would be a mistake to underestimate both Twitter and Elon Musk, given their extensive history and strong community. Despite the challenges, Meta aims to provide a compelling alternative, especially for new creators who want a platform that doesn’t require long-term trust.

Tracing Features of Threads:

Threads share surprising similarities with Twitter, including posts known as “threads” from followed accounts and recommended accounts based on Instagram’s algorithms. Users can add their own comments to reposts, and replies play a prominent role in the main feed. Although there is currently no dedicated feed specifically for followed accounts, such a feature may be added in the future.

Content and Media Capabilities:

Posts on threads can contain up to 500 characters, allowing users to share longer thoughts and ideas. Additionally, users can include photos and videos of up to five minutes in length in their posts. As of now, Threads does not display ads, although Meta may look into this in the future if the platform achieves significant scale.

An example of how to post on Threads, and how feeds will look, Image Source:

Moderation and Verification:

Unlike Twitter, Threads does not currently offer a payment verification system that unlocks additional functionality. However, Instagram’s blue checkmark threads will continue to apply to accounts. Internal documents suggest that moderation actions taken against the Threads account will not affect its corresponding Instagram account, thereby ensuring different outcomes for the two platforms, except in cases with serious violations.

Consolidation and Expansion Plans:

Meta intends to integrate Threads with ActivityPub, a platform powering decentralized social media protocols such as Mastodon. The move aims to address concerns among creators about relying solely on centralized social media companies. However, this integration will not be available at the initial launch. Once enabled, Threads users will be able to connect with Mastodon users and take their accounts to other clients that support the ActivityPub standard.

Targeting cultural relevance:

Rather than simply focusing on amassing a huge user base, Mosseri expresses a desire to make Threads culturally relevant. While gaining wider popularity would be welcome, the emphasis is on offering an alternative platform for public discussion that matches users.


With the introduction of Threads, Instagram aims to challenge Twitter’s supremacy in the public conversation. By leveraging its existing community and addressing Twitter’s perceived volatility, Instagram’s Meta hopes to carve out its niche in the social media landscape. Threads offer a range of features reminiscent of Twitter combined with Instagram’s content and media capabilities. Although success is not guaranteed, Threads represents an attractive option for creators looking for a culturally relevant and relatable platform. As the battle between these social media giants unfolds, it remains to be seen how Threads will shape the future of public discourse in the digital realm.

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